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KOLBRUN design was founded in 2012. The designer Kolbrún Ýr Gunnarsdóttir is an environmental enthusiast and is very concerned about the development of the fashion industry. Kolbrun is an environmentally friendly slow fashion brand with emphasis on good quality fabrics, recycling and ethical production. We encourage style- and eco conscious women around the world to BE THE CHANGE, to listen to their inner voice and create their own style, buy less and in style with themselves and their wardrobe. We design simple and clean aesthetic with sustainable quality fabrics and impeccable attention to detail and comfort. With our eco friendly and biodegradable fabrics, upcycled jewelry and ethical production with as little carbon footprint as possible, we are a perfect fit for the woman that wants to BE THE CHANGE! Everything is made in-house in our Reykjavík studio by our talented designer. To reduce waste, many of our items are not made until ordered by you.