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Designing is like breathing with the brain”, says designer Guðrún Margrét. “The process becomes very emotional and peaks when ingenuity, looks and functionality combine in harmony. Design in my mind, doesn’t mean that you have to own a lot, but on the other hand to own less, but simply that which serves you and your life and that lasts for a long time. Slow design is the category of my design. I believe it is as necessary to nature and everything that moves on this globe – just as the four directions: North, East, South and West are to the traveler in the vast highlands. This is why I also make tailor sewn shoes, because it is hardly possible to be more on the spot, to be more situated right in the now but at the exact moment when 200 steps have been taken to create a pair of shoes. I also adore design that has multipurpose, such as the Garlic Bowl, which is both the tool and the tableware in one and the same piece.  This is why I live where I work”. Order a shoe measurement or discuss style by calling: 7796757