Dísa – Litlu hlutir lífsins

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In May 2020, Valdís Ólafsdóttir graduated with a diploma in Ceramics from the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts. She began studying ceramics in 2014 when she attended a few courses in an art school in Kópavogur. Since 2015 she has been making ceramics under the name Dísa – Litlu hlutir lífsins (Disa- The little things in life). Valdís works mostly with the slip casting technique and she likes all kinds of patterns and textures. She cuts her pieces with irregular ‘diamond cut’ texture and she blows colored bubbles on them to make patterns. She also likes using Icelandic sand and volcanic ash in her pieces. It gives a nice texture and is a connection to Icelandic nature. For her pieces, she likes to use natural colors. In addition to slip casting, Valdís hand-builds wall pieces and use stoneware and porcelain for that. She currently works from a studio next to her home in Kópavogur.