Opening hours

Wednesday – Thursday – Friday 13:00 – 18:00


Háaleitisbraut 109, Reykjavík, Iceland


+354 551 2090

About the Designer: Björg Ingadóttir, has worked as a fashion designer for 33 years. She graduated from Copenhagen Fashion and Design School in Copenhagen and has owned and operated the design company Spaksmannsspjarir since 1993. The company is based at Háaleitisbraut 108.

About the design of Spaksmannsspjarir: The main focus of Spaksmannsspjarir has been the design and production of quality clothing with sustainability and practicality as a guiding principle. “My goal is that people who wear Spaksmannsspjarir can look fashionable and feel good in their clothes. My design is user friendly, classic, ageless and comfortable. I want to make clothes that people love to have in the wardrobe for years. That can be worn at different occasions and is always flattering. The Spaksmannsspjarir customer is my main inspiration and my design flows in balance with her personality and space.