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We are a brand of high-end bags, clutches and accessories designed in Iceland.
Sif Benedicta is founded by the Icelandic designer Halldora Sif.
Earlier in her career Halldora was an intern for Olympia-Le-tan leading up to the
fashion week in Paris and worked for Alexander McQueen in London in the WRTW team (woman’s ready to wear).
Our aesthetics vision is focused on the form and care for the details of the handbags and accessories. We love unexpected colours and want to create a nostalgic feeling with something that you will love and care for. Our goal is to create beautiful things that are as beautiful on the inside as on the outside, where small details become highlights.
Our main production is based in Italy and Lebanon.
Sustainability in our design is important to us and that’s why we use recycled components in our design. Our manufacturers are small family businesses that we work closely with. In this way we ensure the highest quality and beautiful craftmanship. We produce high quality Icelandic design from Italian materials.
The products have attracted a lot of attention abroad and have been featured in British Vogue and Danish Elle.

Benedicta’s Room
The inspiration for our first collection Benedicta’s Room comes from 60’s pop art, colours and forms from Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

Benedicta’s Sketchbook
The inspiration for our second collection Benedicta’s Sketchbook comes from Art deco jewellery and wallpaper. In our research we went through vintage book covers which inspired the colors and forms. The collection is a fantasy of 20’s glamour and romantic 70’s chic.